Kinship Charter of Flock of Smeagols, Brandywine


  • We are built around mature players who understand time restraints, family, spouses, full time jobs. (Participation in Kin events and grouping with Kin members, while encouraged, is always optional.)
  • We strive to be flexible. (Sometimes a run or event may not work out, groups will wipe, plans will fail... roll with it, it's OK.)
  • We will respect our kinmates. (Don't be a jerk, don't be selfish. Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated and may be grounds for immediate removal from the kinship.)
  • We will strive to keep the discussion in the range of PG13.
  • Have Fun! (Never forget why you are here!)



  • FoS utilizes Teamspeak3 (Voice Chat) for instance, raid, and PVP and therefore require members to be able to at least listen to participate in these events. TS3 is not required for membership.

Kin House storage

  • FoS of the rank of Members have access to Kin Chests. If you need something, take it. Add things as you are able. Try to keep it orderly.

Membership Ranks

  • Recruit: All new members are assigned this rank until such a time as the leadership makes an evaluation for promotion, generally two weeks. 
  • Member: FoS members who have shown themselves to be helpful, friendly and reliable are granted this rank. 
  • Officer: Officers are promoted at the discretion of the Kin Leader and other Officers.
  • Leader: The Leader of Flock of Smeagols, there can be only one!

Alt Policy

  • Alts are welcome once a player has achieved the rank of "Member". Alts will share your current Kinship Rank. Add notes to your characters in game to identify MAIN, and Alts


  • Characters who are inactive for an extended period of time are subject to removal unless prior notification is given to kin leadership. You are welcome back any time!

The Final Say

  • The leadership of the Flock of Smeagols kinship reserves the right to change the contents of this Charter at anytime it is deemed necessary to do so. Agreement between the Leader and Officers is sufficient for such changes.